Saturday, September 8, 2018

Runner-Up at Lee County Speedway for 2018

We are pleased to announce that Cowman Racing has finished second in points at Lee County Speedway for 2018. This is the best finish we have recorded in the sport mod division. Randy Uppinghouse gave us a great car that was well maintained. We were able to complete all but 2 laps for the entire season. This is roughly 350 laps without mechanical failure. Alot of credit goes to Randy who knows so much about this sport and tuning modifieds.

Top Ten Sport Mod Division

    Name              Average Finish      Total Points
1. Brandon Dale            36.00                432
2. Bob Cowman            33.75                405
3. Austin Becerra          35.82                394
4. Daniel Fellows          35.27                388
5. Kyle Hamilton           30.09                331
6. Brandon Lennox        39.43                276
7. Austin Howes            33.63                269
8. Adam Birck               36.71                257
9. Jim Walker                31.71                222
10. Ron Kibbe               32.17               193

Cowman Racing had perfect attendance and finished on average in the 6th position. Consistency and improvement are two words that described the 2018 season. We could not have accomplished what we did without our sponsors. We appreciate each and everyone who supports our racing program.
Here is a listing of the 2018 sponsors.

  • Summy Tire and Auto 
  • Auto Zone 
  • Liberty Tax Service
  • Waters Auto Service
  • Mr Deals Auto Center
  • Sign Pro
  • Red Cactus Salsa
  • WGCA
  • Tri-City Sports

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Returning to Racing Action at Lee County Fair Race

We are excited to get back into racing action tonight. After a week off it is back to Lee County Speedway for the Lee County Fair Race. We have enjoyed attending this race for the last several years. It will be good to be back racing as we begin the final third of the season with only five nights left after this evening.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and friends that make this a reality. Please support your local track and favorite drivers so that this sport remains strong for years to come!

Monday, June 25, 2018

We've Come Along Way

I thought I would provide a little pictorial history of the cars that I have raced and the strides we have made to be a legit racing team. I am so grateful for my wife and children who are incredibly supportive. I could not race without Randy Uppinghouse. He likes to be behind the scenes but truly he has made this happen.

Numerous people have helped through the years but a couple I would like to give a special mention to. Ron Seipel and Tim Pryor were apart of the original race team. They helped for the first five years on a weekly basis, I miss them being apart of it all.

Finally, I have to thank my sponsors. They are friends. The businesses that they run and the products that they represent are some of the best in the tri-states. I am proud to be associated with you all.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Mid Season Summary

We want to take a moment to thank all our sponsors for their part in making this season successful thus far. The car really stands out at at the track. We want to thank Sign Pro for the lettering they provide each year! Here is a listing of our sponsors:

  • Summy Tire and Auto 
  • Auto Zone 
  • Liberty Tax Service
  • Waters Auto Service
  • Mr Deals Auto Center
  • Sign Pro
  • Red Cactus Salsa
  • WGCA
  • Tri-City Sports

We are happy with the  progress we have made in the first seven races. The second half should prove to be interesting for us as we make steps to improve our program. We are currently sitting 2nd in the points standings for Lee County Speedway.

1Brandon Dale (#12D)37.4326229393939394037  -  
2Bob Cowman (#14)32.4322734323135343031 35 
3Daniel Fellows (#11)35.00210303740263740 52 
4Kyle Hamelton (#77k)29.8620932303231312528 53 
5Austen Becerra (#22)34.33206274038383726 56 
6Brandon Lennox (#17)39.601984040403939 64 
7Dakota Sapp (#77s)33.001653634363029 97 
8Ron Kibbe (#89)31.801593137282736 103 
9Austin Howes (#17A)35.5014228383838 120 
10Michael Benjamin (#51)32.2512934323330 133

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Water's Auction Service #14 takes 7th in Iowa

Tony and Leigh Waters from Water's Auction Service have been long time sponsors of Cowman Racing. They had opportunity to come with the us to Lee County Raceway last Friday evening. It was their first time and they had a blast.

The night included all the habit and rituals of Friday nights over the last ten years. This includes stopping at the Flying J in Cahoka, Missouri, eating popcorn from the snack shack, relaxing in the hauler with friends and watching racing from the back of the pick-up.
Tony and Leigh Waters
The night of racing proved to be another step forward for the #14 sport mod. We had a solid fourth place finish in the our heat race. The car set up by Randy Uppinghouse was spot on. We are dialing the car and driver in progressively each week.

The feature was (once again) a learning cure. For the first time this year and in this car, we race on a dry slick surface. It was a race where information was gathered and lessons were learned. We raced  into fifth place for the first half of the feature but with a spin going into turn two, we had to race from last back to a 7th place finish. The goal is to transfer the information from week to week. This Friday evening will be our next chance in Donnellson.

A highlight of the night was installing and using a new flat screen tv for the hauler. It is used to get immediate feedback and information after each race. Watching what just happened, takes the guess work out of adjusting and setting the car up. This was supplied by Water's Auction Service. We cannot thank them enough for this valuable tool. 

Tony's Installation Service
If you have never been to a dirt modified race, find a track and attend a race. Water's Auction Service had a blast. This is what Tony Waters had to say about his night, "Sure is an awesome way to decompress. Thanks for the opportunity for us to be apart of your fun." If you would like to join us, contact Bob Cowman and we will make it happen.

Friday, May 25, 2018

#14 takes 6th at Donnelson

Last Friday evening proved to be a night to remember for a long time. Three trucks ended up pulling our enclosed trailer do to a plugged fuel filter. We cannot thank enough Brian Gaylord for driving 25 miles one way to pick us up along the highway and take us to the race track. We were able to capture the true spirit of community through his act of kindness.

As far as racing goes, we were able to put alot of things together that we have been working on. The was fantastic! Randy Uppinghouse has been working tirelessly on the set up on our new ride for the last month. Tonight that work paid off. We are finally getting the bugs worked out. The result was a solid 6th place finish. 

We (obviously) needed a ride back to Quincy. Calling one of our primary sponsors proved to be a great move. Tony Waters from Waters Auction Service agreed to come up to Iowa and bring us back to Quincy. We cannot thank him enough for his help in time of need. He got to enjoy all the bantering and craziness at the track and on the way back to Quincy. He enjoyed it so much, that tonight he will be heading to Iowa with us for the entire time!

Tonight we are headed back to Lee County Speedway. We are excited at the progress we are making and looking for another solid night. We cannot thank our sponsors enough for the help they provide, making racing a reality for us.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Racing Friends

Racing has many great benefits. One at the top of my list would be all the friendships made and developed around the car. Kirk Rueb from my church came over to the shop the other night to say hi. He jumped right in, putting the tires on the car, while we were wrenching on the car. Randy, Kirk and I carried on a conversation for the better part of a half hour. The car has an ability to gather people around it and then provide many conversations starters. The love of speed and horsepower has a bonding effect.

Kirk Reub

When we got to the track last Friday night, we bump into a long time friend Eric Butler. He was at the track with us the first time I raced a four cylinder ten years ago. Since then he and his family moved to St. Louis. With a free friday night, he decided to spend the evening in the pits with Randy and I.
It was good to catch up with each others lives and yes... while hanging out around the car. We shared story after story from the past. We talked about a dear friend we lost, Ron Siepel, he is still sorely missed. Racing is about alot of things but one thing I know for sure, without hanging with friends and doing it together, it would be boring.

Eric Butler
I anm very glad that we can enjoy friends and family at the track. Week two of the 2018 racing season was another night of adjusting on the car. After last week losing brakes, this week was about working on the set-up. Every car and every driver is different. This being the second time in a Harris proved to be another opportunity to work out the bugs. We continue to discover aspects of the set up that we would like to change. After a night filled with handling issues, we are glad to be able to take it back to Quincy in one piece and continue to work on the set-up. No racing due to rain this week, so we will be back at Lee County Speedway on Friday, May 11th.

As a side note, Red Cactus Salsa has agreed to the Salsa/Picture Giveway once again this year!